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About Us

About Us

Hünkar Fine Food is a company based in Bulgaria and supplies frozen food all over Europe. With our years of experience and team of experts, we aim to enrich our customers' tables by providing them with quality, fresh and nutritious products.

Our Mission:

We strive to offer the highest quality and natural frozen foods to the European market, to add value to your eating habits and to make your life easier by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. We aim to add flavor to every moment by offering healthy, delicious and practical meal options with our frozen foods.


As Hünkar Fine Food, we aim to be a leading brand in the frozen food sector in Europe. We want to support healthy lifestyles by offering nutritious and delicious alternatives to our customers with our products prepared with natural and fresh ingredients.

Our Values:

Quality and Assurance: To always maintain our reliability by offering the highest quality products to our customers.

Naturalness and Health: Supporting a healthy diet with frozen foods produced with natural ingredients.

Customer Orientation: Providing the most suitable solutions for your needs by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Innovation: To offer the most innovative products in the sector by closely following technological developments.

Social Responsibility: Working for a sustainable future by fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities.

Team Spirit and Professionalism:

As Hünkar Fine Food team, we do our job with love and professionalism. We are constantly improving ourselves to provide the best service to our customers and we are together to do our job in the best way.

Together with us, set out to flavor your tables and take a step towards a healthy diet. As Hünkar Fine Food, we are committed to offering flavor and health in every slice.